A graduate of the Master of Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California, Chad Greene is an associate professor of English at Cerritos College.

His writing has appeared in 50-Word Stories, 140 Story, 1000 Words, Art of This, The Binnacle, Black Denim Lit, Confettifall, Cuento Magazine, Every Day Fiction, Fewer Than 500, Flash Fiction Magazine, Inlandia: A Literary Journey, Journal of Microliterature, Literary Orphans, Litro Magazine, Microfiction Monday Magazine, Nailpolish Stories, Nanoism, Oblong, One Forty Fiction, One-Screen Stories, Paragraph Planet, The Portland Review, Postcard Shorts, Rio Grande Review, RipRap, Seven By Twenty, Six Word Stories, Southern California Review, The Southlander, Stymie, Twiction Addiction, and the flash-fiction collection Book by Authors.

Whenever he isn’t planning lessons or grading papers, he is attempting to put together a novella-in-flash-fictions tentatively titled Trips and Falls.