Before 9/11, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport wasn’t as cautious about whom it let in. Neither was I.


At the end of our first date, I took her to MSP. We weren’t going anywhere – except to the observation deck in the Lindbergh Terminal.


It was late, so when she sat on the scale at the check-in counter and announced that she had baggage, there was no one who could handle it.

Moving Sidewalk

In Concourse D, we held hands on the moving sidewalks. Although we were standing still, there was an illusion of momentum.

Observation Deck

As we watched the planes through the windowed walls of the observation deck, I wondered whether this date was an arrival or a departure.


After all her baggage caused us to crash, I finally laughed at the symbolism of a first date at an airport, at a place called a “terminal.”

The Twitter fiction serial “Terminal” appears in its entirety for the first time on MY 40. “Moving Sidewalk” and “Observation Deck” were originally published by Confettifall in 2014, and “Baggage” was originally published by Twiction Addiction in 2014.

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